Travel Photos and Aerial Photography

  • Travelling introduction
  • Using aerial photography in your travel photos
  • Great resources about drones

Travelling can bring such joy to a person. Some people say that it’s a different feeling of ecstasy when you are travelling and experience a place for the first time. That is why with travelling, it always goes hand in hand with photography. Taking photos of your travels is an investment that is not comparable to any monetary investment. It’s an investment to your life’s journey. As the saying goes, “memories fade, but photos last a lifetime.” It is really pertinent to keep photos of your travels just so you can revisit them from time to time, or share it with others.

With the rise of camera drones today, it is much more fun to take pictures of your travels from a bird’s eye view to truly get the lay of the land. Trust me, the view is quite unique and breathtaking from up there. Thanks to camera drones, it is now possible for us to do that. All you need to do is go get yourself a nice camera drone, one that is pretty handy, a modular type perhaps, so that you can take it with you on your travels. But do these drones take good pictures? With the improvement of technology today, you will be surprised with the quality of images that commercial camera drones produce. If you have a GoPro, then you will get an idea of the image quality that most camera drones produce, because it is almost, if not, similar to that of a GoPro. So if you are feeling the wanderlust, make sure to take a camera drone with you to document your travels.

If you looking for one, I suggest you do your research first before buying. I suggest as your baseline for the research that you do. This website provides great insights about the best camera drones out in the market today. is a website made for photographers, by photographers, so you are in good hands!

Templates, Graphics and Resumes

  • Resume templates you can use with appropriate graphics
  • Out-of-the-box resume templates for you to create that immediate impact to your potential employer
  • Experimenting with these graphic resume templates

It is unthinkable at times that there should be some form of graphics in your resume, but it has its own purpose, really, particularly with graphic artists.


If you are a graphic artist and has set your sights on applying for a big company that would showcase your talent, then you might want to use the services of these graphic resume templates.

We know already how important content is as far as your resume is concerned because this will be the determining factor on whether or not your potential boss will hire you. But if you can incorporate that artsy design, which these graphic resume templates can give, you advertise yourself in a way that is appropriate to your desired job.

It is perfectly fine to experiment, yes, even with your resumes. If you have these graphic resume templates, though, you would notice that it is designed for you to ornament your resume as an artist would do for his masterpiece.

And it would be great if you can showcase your art already through your resume. That’s hitting two birds with one stone, more or less. You tell your skills through the content of your resume while showing it with its corresponding graphic design.

So what more can you ask for of these graphic resume templates. They bring in that added value that you can’t find with other resumes. Imagine the effect you would create to your future boss if you can creatively weave your content with these cool graphic designs.

Nowhere has resume writing been this visually stimulating than what these graphic resume templates can give. That is actually taking resume writing to the next level.

Your Portraits with Lightroom

  • Accessible presets online for your portraits from Lightroom
  • Editing your portraits the professional way via Lightroom
  • A photo-editing app with a video tutorial

Lightroom introduces presets for the enhancement of your portraits. And you can get these Lightroom portrait presets free online. Now, if you are into photography, that means you now have the tools for you to create beautiful portraits without spending a lot of resources.

LR26Yes, that’s exactly what these Lightroom portrait presets mean to those who dig photography, it is making photo editing accessible and ultimately levels the playing field as far as enhancing these portraits are concerned.

If in the past photographers were the only ones who can make photography changes, let alone editing it, today, however, that is no longer the case. As soon as you can download these Lightroom portrait presets into your PC or laptop, then you are good to go, or better still, consider yourself a photographer in your own right.

You don’t have to settle anymore with that limited enhancement you can get with other photo enhancing apps, with these Lightroom portrait presets, however, you can even make adjustments with those intricate details in your portrait. You can soften its skin, brighten the aura of your face, or even improve those lines for you to highlight certain features on your face.

Lightroom is revolutionizing a lot of things for photography. Aside from the taking away the monopoly of photo editing from photographers, Lightroom also makes sure that your editing is as easy as you can get by providing a video tutorial to it.

So what are you waiting for? Start enjoying the benefits that you can get if you can download these Lightroom portrait presets. You now have control over your portraits the way you wanted it to be enhanced or presented. You would be able to do that if you still hang on to your photographer when it comes to editing your photos.

Wedding Photography Tips Every Amateurs Should Know

  • Weddings are the most exciting and interesting subject for photographers.
  • We will give you some of the most important tips for amateurs.
  • How do you want your first wedding coverage to look like?

Weddings are the most exciting and interesting subject for photographers. But not all can produce a well-edited and high-quality wedding pictures. Why? Because wedding photography is the most toughest tasks for photographers. It requires great photography skills and experience. That’s why in this article, we will give you some of the most important tips for amateurs.


So, how do you want your first wedding coverage to look like? This is a question that I have specifically made for amateurs whose goal is to be a good wedding photographer. In addition, this question will somehow motivate them to reach their goals.

Here are some preparation tips that you can follow:

  • Essentially, owning a good, working and an advanced DSLR camera is already given since you are a photographer in the first place. In addition, in order for you to save tons of money, you always have to maintain the functionality of your camera and other equipment.
  • Always be familiar with post-processing software such as Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. You really need to process your images using the best photo editing tool. Also, you can always download or purchase ready to use wedding Lightroom preset online in case you need to modify tons of images.
  • You don’t want to lose your credibility right? You want your clients to trust you and recommend your portfolio to others? The next tip is to hire a backup photographer, it could be your friend, relative or anyone you can trust with your work. Moreover, you have to hire someone with the same goals as yours.
  • When accepting wedding offers, make sure to meet the couple first and ask them what they want to do in terms of the concepts, props, and other important wedding details.

The Ultimate Guide To Vintage photography

  • We still yearn for vintage styled images.
  • Know the qualities of a vintage styled photograph.
  • Programs like Photoshop can help you rebuild the past.

Generally, the world we’re living in is all about technology and modernization. That’s why some people, especially the elders and mid age adults are longing for some vintage, antique and old-fashioned methods. One of their favorite past time is collecting old and vintage photographs. It is their simple way of reminiscing the old times as it is the only thing that connects us in the past. Sometimes, in today’s time, photography is boring and dull and thanks to post processing tools like Photoshop, they can incorporate styles and effects to an image; they can either make a photoshop actions for vintage image or create a black and white version of their current images to make it look like a vintage photograph.

mDespite our constant use of modern technology like cell phones, cameras and printers, we still yearn for vintage styled images. There are several mobile applications such as VSCO, Instagram, Facebook, and Photoshop that offers several ready made filters and actions for vintage images.

Because of the fact that we cannot produce vintage looks just by using digital cameras, programs like Photoshop can help you rebuild the past. You just have to read more tutorials on how to make the perfect photoshop actions for vintage. However, if you’re in a rush, you can always download or purchase free and paid photoshop actions online.

Here are some of the qualities of a vintage styled photograph.

In the year 1950s-80s, the disposal of easy to use and affordable cameras were not as convenient as today. Photographers are still using the old-fashioned cameras with films and with fewer colors as the technology of producing color film cameras was still in its initial stage. A vintage styled image can be black and white, dusty and with color leaks.  It can also be a combination of soft focus, muted blacks, low brightness and contrast.

All Smiles for Lightroom Wedding Presets

Created by Preset Love, “Wedding Smiles” is one of the many Lightroom wedding presets available online. And, mind you, you can get this preset free.

But come to think of it, weddings do give a lot of smiles to everyone, especially to the bride and groom. There may be so many chances for both parties involved after taking the vow, but these changes really are for the better. Two people have decided to become one, and that is nothing short of awesome comparable to that of having a newborn baby.


“Wedding Smiles” is definitely the one preset for your wedding day photos. It enhances your photo images with a touch of class, bringing out the emotions involved when you uttered that beautiful phrase “I do”, which was intense and exciting at the same time.

The enhancement is clean, crisp, and cool, you can almost feel the vibe of that day, reliving right in front of your eyes. Remembering all the hugs and the kisses you made since taking the vow.

Never mind if you are new to this preset, there is an instructional guide for you on how to navigate its tools. The important thing to remember though is that you now have the preset that will turn your seemingly flat wedding pictures into little masterpieces in their own right.

Lightroom never fails to give a smile on someone else’s face, but this particular preset brings out that big smile every time you look at its results like you want to get married again. It brings out the new you, the new wife, the experience of walking on that carpet all the way to your groom and is captured on camera, enhanced eventually by Lightroom. That alone is a perfect wedding gift for the newly-weds.

That is the essence of having these Lightroom wedding presets in you, particularly “Wedding Smiles”. It makes every event, even more special because it intensifies every detail of it that you want to relive that experience again.

Don’t waste time now and scour for that nearest Lightroom wedding preset on the web. You will find it a joy if you have one, but if you can have in bundles, presets or brushes, that will boost not only the events involved in your pictures but also the memories attached to it, like memories from your wedding day.

Saving Time with Photoshop Actions

One of the benefits of having Photoshop actions is that it saves you a lot of time enhancing your photo images. If you find yourself performing the same task over and over again but still come up with the same mediocre images in return, then it’s about time Photoshop actions will do the work.


These Photoshop actions provide you with easy-to-use tools coupled with different techniques for you to have that image you envisioned. You can create and install this app in your PC, so can choose from a list of actions to download and use, and they are free.

In creating a Photoshop action, all you need to do is open the “actions” palette and hit the new action. After doing such, you should be able to see a new window containing options for the action. In a set though, you can name the action and the place on it. Then assign a keyboard shortcut to activate the action in Photoshop.

After hitting the “record” in the window, all you need to do is follow the steps you like when recorded in the action. Always be aware of the sizes of your photos and other specific steps that will be replicated in the action. Also, try to make your steps generic in order to maximize the full range of your images. Once you’ve created the steps, press the “Stop” button found in the action menu, then hit “Play”, thus, performing the said action.

This is just a cursory look at how to create Photoshop actions for your photos. No need to wait for hours, you can have the picture you want in less than an hour.

Mastering How To Manage Presets in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the trusted photo editing software in the market today and one of its biggest advantages is the ability to convert RAW and JPEG files. Photographers choose Lightroom over Photoshop because of its great flexibility and speed while dealing with tons of images at once. However, you wouldn’t achieve this kind of experience if you haven’t mastered the whole Lightroom interface yet.

In this article, we will talk about how to easily manage Lightroom presets. In addition, at the end of this article, you’ll be able to learn the basic controls, settings, and rules of Lightroom such as (organizing in one collection, importing and exporting images, modifying and creating customized presets and more)

What are Lightroom Presets and Why You should Use it for Your Images?

As we all know, Adobe Photoshop would be so complicated without Actions, or those recorded steps with specific effects and styles. Same with Adobe Lightroom, it would be useless and senseless without Presets. It is a collection of filtered images, or photos with corresponding styles and effects (black and white, sepia, vintage, vignette, HDR or panorama).

Downloading or installing free presets for Lightroom 5 is very easy and convenient. Adobe has designed the whole program in a photographer oriented and professional workflow. Moreover, presets are live savers; it helps photographers, artists, painters, graphic and web designers, save a lot of time and effort in their editing process.

Lightroom presets contains huge amounts of different and unique color adjustments. You have to do lots of trial and error before you can actually come up with a perfect set of free presets for Lightroom 5. It’s either you adjust the tone curves, color tones, contrasts, brightness or the exposure of the image to produce a specific preset style for your images.

While mastering the whole process of Lightroom takes a lot of time and patience, you have to bear in mind that once everything is set and you’ve familiarized the entire preset setting, you’ll be able to create more wonderful collections of presets.

Lightroom and Your Distinctive Image  

On the outset, seeing a photo that has its enhancement with Lightroom seemed like it has gone through a complicated process. That is expected since most pictures with a Lightroom touch looked more sophisticated compared to other photos.


As a start, Lightroom has a list of presets available online. Lightroom is a photo enhancing solution for you to create that distinctive effect on your photo out of your own style and preference.

Aside from its list of presets, Lightroom also has its brushes. These brushes though are unique because it improves your photos more than a preset can do. It enhances specific details: the wrinkles on your face, the hair on your chest, even the sweat on your forehead are details that a Lightroom brush can do wonders with.

Lightroom comes in bundles and collections, with a variety of forms and styles, from HDR presets to workflows that deal with artistic effects, thus, improving your image and look online.

And as soon as you download these presets, you need not worry on how to go about it on your photos because it has in itself user-friendly tools, and that Lightroom tutorials can be viewed on its social media page.

These Lightroom tutorials has its comprehensive steps to follow, from downloading the said app to the enhancement of your photos.

Lightroom is the perfect tool for your online photos. You will even be amazed even at how these presets can do to a blurry image. Digging into it, Lightroom will turn that photo as if it’s been taken just a few minutes ago.

It is about time that you consider these presets for the enhancement of your photos. Instead of relying solely on those old templates that are quite limited, Lightroom gives you a free rein out of the flexibility of its presets and brushes, so you can improve your photos with your own unique touch.

Download these Lightroom presets now and experience the beauty of it, as it will give you an edge unlike anything you have seen on a photo before.

Great Qualities of Lightroom Presets

You might ask yourself, what are the elements of a good preset, or better still, what constitutes for a great Lightroom preset? Although the responses of this question might vary over time, but those who know their Lightroom can determine at least what constitutes a great Lightroom preset.


Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we have been hearing that phrase every time we judge something beautiful, and judging a great photo is no exemption, even if Lightroom is included in the discussion.

Others would argue that compatibility makes Lightroom ahead of the pack. Yes, these presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5 and 6, and not only with its software considerations, even in its hardware, Lightroom works efficiently with both your Mac and your PC. This particular element enables some to conclude that the efficiency of work done is what makes Lightroom great.

Others, however, choose Lightroom’s tools as its most enticing feature. It’s ability to create a variety of effects like those works done by professional photographers and designers is the thing that drove many to choose Lightroom as their partner in photo-enhancing. Its easy-to-use tools makes for a convenient way of dealing with complicated enhancements. It has the ability to improve an old photo into a new one (for list of samples, see Presets here).

But more often than not, many choose Lightroom because of the quality of photos it produces. There are Lightroom presets that create a cinematic feel to a photo; it is as if the images in it move. It creates a 3D effect unlike anything you have ever seen with a photo. It can turn a banal image into a lively one, turning a boring scene into a dynamic interplay of images. Such is the quality of photos you can have with these Lightroom presets (for more of these images, see Presets here).

It isn’t so difficult to see why many choose Lightroom for the improvements of their photos, because it has the tools to deliver more than what is expected, producing action camera review pictures that generates so much, even beyond the confines of your imagination.

So all these photo features, qualities that make up a great photo, from compatibility to its tools to the quality pictures produced, is just a click away with these Lightroom presets, it brings with it the total package for you to have that photo you’ve always dreamed of.